Meet Our Ambassadors - Vasoula Boznou


Vasoula Boznou - Pharmacist

I am Vasiliki Boznou (everyone calls me Vasoula) and I am a pharmacist.
I came across yoga when I was at the second year of my studies. I was by nature, a really stressed person, full of nerves, searching for my dream job, which was at that time, to be a researcher in my field of studies. Yoga was a way out, my time for myself only, the key to unlock my pressure and ease my mind.
Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassador
I started thinking about becoming a yoga teacher about 3-4 years later, when all the my plans were failing and the dream of becoming a researcher in Natural Products was collapsing in front of my eyes.
I started with the intention to have an additional occupation for the difficult days and be able to practice safely on my own.
But a whole new world was opened. I found peace, I faced the truth of my bad choices and I was able to throw away that "dream" that had turned into my nightmare.
Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassador
When I teach I am fulfilled. When I practice I am free. The progress in my physical body were a release to my emotions.
I have taught in a couple of yoga studios in Athens and last year in my own space. Currently I am finding happiness and testing my luck around Greece, teaching a solidarity yoga class in Working Men's Club in Volos and focusing on an advanced 300Hrs Yoga Teacher Training.
My dream is to create my own space for yoga classes and workshops and travel around organizing yoga retreats.
What I have learned so far? Love, accept, respect yourself! Dreams can change, the alternatives are endless so go after what really makes you happy...all the rest is just not important, as long as you are healthy and keep trying!


Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassador

One of the things that make my mood and motivate me to practice everyday are my yoga leggings! And I was delighted when I came across Blossom Yoga Wear designs!

When I spend a whole day in boring (usually black and grey coloured) office clothes, the most uplifting thing to relax afterwards is to put on a colourful Blossom Yoga legging and get onto my yoga mat! Plus they are the only leggings I have ever tried on that don't slip down while I am in the middle of practice, which is something that can really make me frustrated. They are the first leggings I purchased online, they have become a second skin to me, everyone has complimented me when I wear them and I wouldn't change them for the world! 

Life is too short to be black and white only and the vivid colour combinations of my Blossom Yoga Wear leggings are a real "mood-maker". 
And this was exactly the reason why I wanted to become an ambassador of these leggings; so that all my friends and people I know and react with, through yoga and social media, could have a look and a chance to get to know these unique and beautiful brand!
Follow me on Instagram at vasoula.boznou_yogiology

Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassador