Meet our Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassadors - Laura De Stefano

Laura De Stefano - Yogi

Laura De Stafano


Hi, I'm Laura, I live near Cambridge in the UK and I've been practicing yoga since 2012. I have lived with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and a lifetime of anxiety and agoraphobia, so I was looking for a gentle exercise that would not impact on my joints and that I could do at home and would benefit my mental health. Enter yoga! I'm entirely self-taught, something I'm pretty proud of.


Laura De Stefano


I remember when Blossom Yoga Wear first launched a few years back. I was watching and waiting for the store to open and I bought my first pair right away. I now own 4 pairs and have my eye on a few more! The quality, silky softness of the fabric and the brilliant colours and patterns all align with what I look for in yoga gear - and the fact that BYW is UK based is another big plus for me.
I'm so excited to share my practice with the BYW community and share the love for the brand. My Instagram is @lauradestefyoga - come and say hi sometime, I'd love to meet you!
Laura De Stefano