Meet our Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassadors - Mandy Claeys

Mandy Claeys - Yoga Teacher

Mandy Claeys Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassador


My yoga journey started about 5 years ago. I was always drawn to the more spiritual side of life and to yoga as well.

I bought a Yoga book when I was 12 years old but I waited a long time to actually start doing yoga. Now I can't imagine my life without it.

My own practice is mostly an at home yoga practice but occasionally I follow classes with different teachers from my region. Yin, Vinyasa, Aireal, ... I am open to any kind of yoga! Two years ago I wanted to share the practice of yoga with my preschool students at the hospital. Yoga had brought me so much and I wanted my kids to learn about it and start using the tools of yoga at a young age. In my opinion this would benefit them their whole life long. Shortly after my online kids' yoga teacher training with Cosmic Kids, I started teaching yoga to children outside the hospital as well. I started a Youtube channel, made a Facebook page, started teaching at different yoga studios, gyms and danceschools. This was so enriching and felt like I had found my calling. I started a therapeutic kids' yoga teacher training. This Fall I am starting the 200 hour YTT. I want to deepen my practice, grow as a person and spread the yoga love the best way I can, to as many children and people as possible. Blossom Yoga Wear is a great, beautiful, conscious partner on my journey and I feel really grateful to be a part of their team!