Charity T- Shirts

Blossom Yoga Wear are proud to partner with Yoga Stops Traffick - a 1-day annual campaign uniting yoga lovers across the globe to raise awareness & funds for survivors of human trafficking. Yoga Stops Traffick & their Indian grassroots partner Odanadi Seva Trust have rescued & rehabilitated more than 12,000 women & children.  

Blossom Yoga Wear's founder completed her yoga training in India and has a strong affinity with the country and the cause.  

We are therefore super excited to launch our first charity T Shirt and for every one sold, 50% of the profits will be donated to Yoga Stops Traffick.

The unique design is based on the All-Seeing Eye. It symbolises a higher power watching over humanity and we hope you will join us & support us in our efforts for achieving protective care for victims of trafficking.

Learn more about the charity and how to get involved here