Our Sustainability Mission

Our Sustainability Mission

Since we created the Blossom Yoga Wear brand, quality, affordability and style have been at the very core of our company ethos, but we are excited to announce that we are adding sustainability to the mix too. Introducing our range of yoga leggings, tops and tote bags spun from recycled materials and sustainable fabrics. Sustainability shouldn’t be a secret and we want to shout the news about our eco-friendly fabrics from the rooftops. Why not join the conversation on our social channels? 

Our Waste Reduction Agenda 

Our yoga wear is created for yogis by yogis and as a result, making the move to a more sustainable approach to active wear is a natural next step for us. We aim to work towards a zero waste initiative and using recyclable fabrics is our first foray into an eco friendly future. We know that fellow yogis care about the way we treat our planet and now the clothing you wear to work out can help towards creating change!

All our Eco-friendly leggings come packaged in a bio-degradable bag and are also shipped to you in an eco friendly bio-degradable shipping bag.


What We Are Doing 

Here at Blossom Yoga Wear, we’ve been busy bees creating a line of yoga leggings, tops and tote bags that are just as good for your performance as they are for the planet. Our passion for cruelty free fashion has propelled us to incorporate eco-friendly fabrics into our best selling leggings and tops so that they are not only squat proof, sweat wicking and super stylish but sustainable too. Since our brand was born we have tackled a range of challenges from creating garments that boast a flattering fit with adequate support and comfort and now we have added making the planet a better place to our list of goals.  


Our Fabrics 

We have gone above and beyond this year to boost our sustainability credentials and our fabrics are the first thing to change. We now use eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics where possible to reduce waste. Our yoga leggings and tops are perfect for yogis who want to shop for a more sustainable workout wardrobe. 

Organic Cotton: 

Our tank tops and vests are crafted from 100% organic cotton which, unlike regular cotton, is free from GMO seeds and toxic pesticides. 


Our best selling yoga leggings are constructed using recycled plastic bottles that were headed straight for the landfill. In fact, 83% of the fabric used to make our sustainable yoga leggings is crafted from recycled PET. 

We are proud of our decision to transition to using eco-friendly fabrics and we know that our customers will appreciate our efforts to use natural materials where possible. We know there are countless ways that we can prioritise sustainability and make our company greener and we are proud of our progress but we won’t stop here. 

We’ll be posting regular sustainability updates on our blog and continue to take small steps that make a big difference. Thanks to our latest clothing collection, style and sustainability now go hand in hand.

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