Meet our Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassadors - Abbi Earnshaw

Abbie Earnshaw - Primary School Teacher

As a three-time marathon runner, I have never been shy of getting stuck in and focussed on one sport / area of fitness. Unfortunately in the past, this focus meant that I concentrated wholeheartedly on running, and not on warming up, cooling down or stretching, which led to short term and long term injuries. When I started practising yoga using some Youtube videos at home I found it tough, both physically and mentally. But it didn't take me long to realise the physical and mental benefits of stretching regularly. For years I have only ever practised yoga at home on my own, but when I found a hot yoga studio I was hooked. Practising yoga with others has really allowed me to strengthen my ability to be mindful. I've struggled in the past with comparison to other people, but being around others in this practice has allowed me to let go of judgment and fear of being judged, and to really relax into my asanas, leaving the studio feeling so peaceful in my muscles and in my mind. 
Abbi Earnshaw - Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassador
As a Primary School Teacher I have an incredibly busy job, and I understand the need for escape sometimes. Yoga gives me the space to unwind, and so I decided to train to teach in yoga so I could help others feel the peace and find that safe space that I have found. I am studying my 200hr YTT with a registered Yoga Alliance yoga school called Yoga Renew which is incredible as it allows me to study around my full time "never working from home" job! I am also fortunate enough to be part of an incredible yoga studio who have offered me opportunities to practise my teaching within the hot pod, as this really is my favourite place to practise.
My preferred style of yoga is vinyasa yoga as I enjoy and like to promote the flowing sequences and the combination of breath and movement. While I do enjoy and offer some of the more relaxing yin yoga from time to time, especially after a hot and fiery flow, moving more dynamically really appeals to me on a day to day basis to bring both cardio and core strength into my sequences. for me, being authentic in yoga practice is so important, and so I believe in teaching what you love. 
Abbi Earnshaw - Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassador
When I tried my first pair of Blossom Yoga Wear leggings on I knew instantly I was in love. They are so incredibly comfortable and durable - they certainly get a hammering, especially in the 37 degree heat of the hot pod, and they look as good now as the day I bought them! I have always been more comfortable in the background, not really noticeable, but when I put on my Club Tropicana or my African Dream zebra print leggings I feel so confident and bright that I could walk into any room with a huge smile on my face!
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