Meet our Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassadors - Helen Braithwaite

Helen Braithwaite - Yoga Teacher 

In 2012 I turned 30 and decided I should think about my health, up until that point I hadn’t really considered it but a milestone birthday got me thinking…  I took up a “30 days for £30” trial at my local Hot Yoga studio in Leicester and I’ve never looked back!

As a full-time secondary and sixth form teacher I found the mental benefits of yoga worked wonders for me!  I had 90 minutes out of the day where I couldn’t plan or mark or stress, I just had to think about my next breath!  Then came the physical benefits: I became better hydrated, stronger and more flexible from regular practice.  Whilst the ‘work out’ factor continued, the ‘chill out’ of yoga a couple of times a week wasn’t enough, so like countless other peers, after 12 years I left education and undertook my YTT in 2018!

Helen Braithwaite - Blossom Yoga Wear brand ambassador

My yoga business started with Sun Power Yoga and SPY kids’ classes.  I then trained in Hot Vinyasa style for Hotpod Yoga, adding chair yoga (in February 2020) and most recently Yin Yoga to my CV.  I like to make yoga accessible to every age and ability and I’m currently teaching ages 3-103!  Yoga for me is still about movement, meditation and mindfulness and this is what I always aim to bring to my lessons!  That and some giggles!  Whilst asana is only one facet of yoga and there’s much to explore in its philosophy, I try not to take yoga, or life, too seriously!  The universe has a way of throwing obstacles in our path and a spontaneous heart and a flexible body and mind will help us manoeuvre around those obstacles.

Much like my outlook on life, Blossom Yoga Wear is vibrant, colourful and lots of fun!  I always get so many compliments on my Blossom Yoga Wear, be that my well-loved and well-worn Northern Lights leggings or my new Pink Panther Eco-Friendly yoga pants.  A small, female owned, UK based, green company that celebrates all body-types?  What’s not to love?


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