Meet our Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassadors - JoJo Hancock

JoJo Hancock - Founder Yoga Creative

JoJo Hancock Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassador

I founded Yoga Creative in 2020, now a leading yoga company in East Sussex, as a welcoming sanctuary to nourish bodies, hearts and minds.

Recently featured in Om Yoga Magazine as one of their fab four “Brilliant British Yoga Teachers”, my classes evoke a sense of awakening, connection, and joy. I honour the ancient art and science of yoga, prioritising clarity and compassion in my teaching, and am dedicated to creating a warm atmosphere, free of judgement, that is welcoming to all. My teaching style is inspired by the healthy alignment and grace of Anusara yoga to restore a vibrant sense of inner wellbeing.

Students often report transformative shifts in their energy, sense of wellbeing, reduced pain, increased agility, and a renewed sense of pleasure in simply moving and being alive.

In yoga we teach our students to use their sense of sight to explore the space around themselves, and their felt sense of space within themselves. Blossom Yoga Wear enhances both of these experiences. Not only is the clothing beautifully designed to look at, but the soft yet strong materials make you feel safe and held as you move and breathe.

I’ve tried every yoga brand out there, and Blossom Yoga Wear uniquely offers me the holy grail of feeling safe, feeling held, feeling comforted, whilst being swathed in beauty that is kind to the planet.

JoJo Hancock Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassador

I often choose prints that reflect my favourite class themes. For example I’ll wear the ‘Horizen’ leggings with their sunrise & sunset print when I am teaching a class featuring nadi shodhana, (alternate nostril breathing) where we stimulate both the sun and moon nadis to find a balance of energies. Working on a teachers’ retreat in Bali I wore the ‘Toucan Do It’ leggings to reflect the joyful energy of the stunning island.

An accredited Yoga Alliance Professionals™️ Teacher, I have immersed myself in these ancient practices for over ten years, and offer great respect and love to my senior yoga teacher trainers: Bridget Wood Kramer, Petra Coveney, Anna Ashby, Vicky Fox, Lisa Sanfilippo, Jason Crandell, Usha Devi and Devdas Sahaja.

I hold the following teaching credentials:

· Anusara Yoga Elements Certification

· Yoga for Menopause Certification

· Yoga for Cancer Certification

· Teaching Yoga for Beginners Certification

· Healing Power of Breath CPD

· Yoga for Sleep Recovery CPD

· Intelligent Yoga Sequencing CPD

· Restorative Yoga CPD


Prior to teaching yoga, I worked in the art world as a Global Director for Sotheby’s. Frequently travelling around the world, finding a yoga class was my top priority to combat jet lag and keep me grounded. Then my world was rocked in 2019 when a family member became unwell and I needed to be anchored to home. My yoga practice became my physical, mental and emotional life raft helping me remain strong and steady for my loved ones. Evolving as a yoga teacher to share the profound benefits of this ancient and healing practice is now my life’s purpose.

East Sussex venues: Rye | Peasmarsh | Udimore

Instagram: jojoyogacreative

Facebook: JoJoYogaCreative


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