Meet our Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassadors - Sally Talal

Sally Talal - Yoga Teacher

 Sally Talal - Blossom Yoga Wear brand Ambassador

Born in Iraq, raised in Greece and now living in the diverse city of London - Sally is a yoga teacher & student, painter and community builder. 
Over the past ten years, Sally has experienced the profound physical and mental benefits of yoga, meditation; pranayama and the way it can help unveil unconscious realisations, peeling away the layers to know, accept and unconditionally love ones true self. She knew that one day, she wants to be able to share these ancient practices with others.
Sally believes that life is a constant journey of surrender and inner growth, drawing us to evolve beyond the boundaries of the ego and shift the way we choose to respond to different experiences that come our way. Her aim is to express this authentic transformation and help others find healing connections between their bodies, mind and soul through her deep-rooted passion for art and yoga. 
Sally Talal - Blossom Yoga Wear brand Ambassador
She completed her 200 hours under the guidance of Bridget Woods Kramer. Yoga is for everyone and her classes include elements of Hatha and Vinyasa flow, pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga philosophy, mantras and mudras and the opportunity to be creative and explorative with oneself. Her teaching is inspired by the heart, precision and grace of Anusara yoga which connects heart, movement and breath and help invite you to tap inwards, bringing more love, equanimity and alignment on and off the mat - living harmoniously in the essence of your authentic self. 
Ever since I came across Blossom Yoga Wear and bought my first pair of leggings and tops, I have been raving about them! I absolutely adore the Toucan leggings. They are high quality, high waisted, unique and truly feels as if I’m wearing a masterpiece of a painting. Most importantly, they are a local, small business with the intention of transitioning towards the use of more ethically sourced and sustainable materials, as well as utilising renewable energy for production. Have a look at their current Eco Friendly Collection! 
Sally Talal Blossom Yoga Brand Ambassador
I currently teach independent online / in-person group classes and private 1:1s. I offer Yoga and meditation to charities supporting refugees and asylum seekers, social enterprises and businesses. I also teach and cover at studios and gyms including More Yoga, Yoga Collective and More Energy Fitness. 
You can reach me via email and follow me on Instagram for my class schedule.
Let's come together and build a creative, explorative and inclusive community.
Lots of love, 
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