Meet our Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassadors - Sammi Sutton

Sammi Sutton - Yoga Teacher

Hey Beautiful People, I’m Sammi, 37, proud single Mumma to two gorgeous little ones, yogi, chocolate lover, travel enthusiast & deeply passionate about making yoga accessible for absolutely everyone.  

 Sammi Sutton Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassador

My yoga journey started about 6 years ago when I lived in Abu Dhabi. I was suffering with mental health, felt physically sluggish daily, and wanted to make changes in my life. A dear friend was a yoga instructor, and she encouraged me to find ‘My’ yoga practice and explore what it meant to me. I stopped comparing myself and started on a path that quite literally changed the course of my life. Due to such changes to my lifestyle, in August 2021, I became a living kidney donor to my amazing sister – I feel beyond honoured to have been able to give the gift of life.

In 2019 when my youngest baby was only 14 months old, I embarked upon an intensive 200hr YTT and, in 2020, I went on to complete my Spiritual Pre & Postnatal 85hr. Both these courses were more than just certificates to me - I felt at ‘home’. After many different careers, I had finally found my calling. I knew right then I wanted to empower & inspire others to believe in themselves. To show everyone their inner beauty and that yoga truly is for everyone.  

 Sammi Sutton Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassador

I love love love Blossom Yoga Wear! In fact, I bought a whole outfit just for my new website and business branding. I had an entire photoshoot in them and had never felt so confident in yoga clothes! I love the vibe of Blossom Yoga Wear, and although they are a big company, their CEO still managed to send a personalised ‘hope the surgery goes well’ card in my order! That honestly made my day. A simple act of kindness is what I am all about.   

 Sammi Sutton Blossom Yoga Wear Brand Ambassador

I have multiple items now and am often complimented when wearing them! They are just soooooo comfy! My favourite pair of leggings are my bright pink Glamour Puss pair & my black cropped yogi top! I am excited to offer my students & social followers the opportunity to purchase Blossom Yoga Wear (with my unique discount!), so they can brighten up my studio with their clothes as well as their faces.

I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Meditation, Power, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga & plan to specialise in recovery/post-treatment yoga in 2022. Following my recent surgery, this has become a real personal passion for me.

If you are interested in classes I teach, please follow me on Instagram and Facebook

I will be teaching online & locally in Chelmsford, Essex & surrounding areas starting January 2022.

My little mantra in life is currently “Be Brave, Be Strong, Be True!”

Love you lots like jelly tots, Sammi x


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