4 reasons why we LOVE summer yoga at Blossom Yoga Wear

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Zippity doo dah, summer is here and we’re feeling the love at Blossom Yoga Wear.

It’s a bit of a no brainer why, for most of us, summer is one of our favourite seasons. That sublime mix of sunshine, seaside holidays and nature in full bloom is enough to plaster a smile on the grumpiest of faces...and that’s even before we get started on the Pimms. Whilst yoga is certainly a practice for all seasons, there’s a few reasons why we particularly celebrate the summer yoga season. Here’s how it can brighten your yoga practice...



1. Practicing outside

Top of the summer perks list has to be the opportunity to head out into nature. Whilst those #instaperfect yoga beach shots aren’t going to be everyone’s reality, even rolling out the mat in our garden or the local park is good enough for us! Feeling the grass beneath your bare feet and the breeze on your skin = bliss (even if it does make your balancing poses all the more wobbly!). There’s a different kind of energy created when we step outside to practice yoga, and the summer season makes it more possible. 

 Yogini Slogan tank top at blossom yoga wear

2. It helps us to feel better in our skin

Let’s face it, there’s quite a bit of pressure created through all this “Beach Ready Body” bullsh*t. Yoga promotes learning to feel good in your skin, regardless of its shape, through embracing all your perceived flaws and imperfections. The summer season, when we ditch the layers, is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the hard work we put into helping our bodies feel fitter, stronger and more loved through a regular yoga practice. The healthier our body becomes the sexier we feel, no matter what bikini size we’re wearing!


3. Deeper flexibility

It’s definitely true that a lot of your summer yoga routine may involve trying to keep cool, through things like sitali breath or with asanas that help you to beat the heat. Yet, there are also plenty of benefits to the rise in temperature. As with the principles of Bikram, a sweaty routine can not only help to flush out toxins in the body, but it also helps the muscles to loosen up, meaning you can bend that little bit further.  

 Tree Pose -Blossom Yoga Wear Namastar Leggings and Om Yoga Top

4. Colour therapy

The use of colours as a holistic approach to healing dates back thousands of years.It’s based on a belief that the different vibrations from different colours can create a powerful effect on the bodies energy centres (like the chakra colours). Whether you’re a believer or not, the lighter brighter summer season can certainly create a more uplifting mood to energize your practice compared to the darker winter months. Summer offers the perfect opportunity to inject even more sunshine into your day by donning your brightest yoga clothes. We’ll certainly be setting the tone in our larger than life ‘Toucan Do It’ Yoga Pants.   

 Toucan Do It Print Yoga Pants at Blossom Yoga Wear

Did we miss something? Comment and let us know what’s your favourite thing about yoga in the summer! 

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