How to choose the best clothes for the gym.

Eco-friendly Yoga Wear

Whether you are a die-hard yogi or a sweaty spin class queen, ensuring you have the right clothes for working out makes a big difference to your success.

Most women like to work out wearing high-waisted fitness leggings that sculpt to their curves and don't move or roll down whilst they are moving. Gym leggings with pockets are also highly desirable to stash your locker key securely whilst you peddle like mad on that spin bike.

Moisture wicking and 4-way stretch fabrics will help keep you cool and dry whilst allowing you to move with ease through whatever activity you are doing.
If yoga or weights is your thing, you will want to choose your leggings in a fully squat-proof fabric to avoid embarrassing exposure during a downward-facing dog.

Finally, if saving the planet is important to you, choosing environmentally friendly products will be a must. Eco-friendly fabrics are just as high quality now as regular fabrics, and it can feel great to know that you're not only looking fabulously stylish, but you are also saving the planet by investing in gym clothes made from recycled plastic bottles. 

how to choose clothes for the gym - blossom yoga wear blog

Now that's the bottom half taken care of but what top is best to wear for the gym?

For women, a crucial part of their gym wear is a sports bra, and the style will very much depend on what activity you are participating in.
A yoga bra, for example, can be relatively low support, but with a high-impact sport such as running or aerobics for the best support and comfort, you will need a higher level of support.

Some women may be perfectly comfortable in a pair of sports leggings and matching sports bra as their complete workout gear, but most of us will prefer to layer a sweat-wicking vest or breathable t-shirt over the top to complete our activewear look.
Slim fit gym vests are ideal for any sport where you will be moving around a lot, for example, a power yoga or Pilates class where you might be practising a lot of inversions and will be most comfortable with your vest staying put and now flying over your face.

For an activity where you are mostly vertical, like spinning or running, you may be more comfortable in a loose-fit vest or t-shirt that skims your body. Organic cotton vests and t-shirts are a great choice as they are super soft against your skin and both lightweight and breathable.

You will usually need something cosy to wear before and after your class too, so you can't go wrong with a cosy organic cotton yoga hoodie or sweatshirt.

Cheap gym clothing may be tempting, but it will likely be lower quality fabrics that are unlikely to be supportive and will wear quickly, leaving you to replace items more frequently. Premium sportswear is designed for longevity and performance and to keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Here at Blossom Yoga Wear, all our clothes are designed with yoga in mind but are perfect for all types of sports, from running leggings to pilates outfits our high-waisted plain or patterned yoga pants are highly versatile and feature a discrete waistband pocket.
Our collection of organic cotton slim fit and loose fit vests are all yoga-inspired but perfect for all activities.

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