6 Embarrassing Yoga Moments That Can Happen To Anyone!

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From wardrobe malfunctions to natural bodily functions, not every yoga session is an #instaperfect glamour fest! Yoga may be above all else about self love and acceptance, but that doesn’t stop us from becoming a little red faced when one of these embarrassing yoga moments happen to us. But don’t fret, we’re all only human and this catalogue of cringe worthy yoga blips are pretty darn common in classes up and down the country…




1. Wobbly bits falling out

Whether it’s a boob or two that goes astray or your wobbly bits coming loose from your yoga pants, choosing your yoga clothes carefully is advisable. FYI This is exactly why we make sure all our yoga leggings have a flattering high waist!!! As Janet Jackson will tell you, the odd wardrobe malfunctions happen, just carry on regardless like a pro.

2. Bottom burps

Passing wind during yoga is actually very common. You’re bending and twisting your body into all kinds of positions, stimulating organs and your digestive system, so it’s actually no wonder. Whilst it’s perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of, maybe you want to skip the beans for lunch before taking a class.

3. Balance blunders

We’ve started to wonder if the only reason for balancing poses it to actively try and make you fall flat on your face. Even the most graceful among us have had their tree pose hacked off at the trunk...TIMBER!!!!


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4. Snoring in Shavasana

Relaxing music (check), comfortable mat (check), relaxed muscles (check), relaxed mind (check). The final corpse pose of the class is quite frankly a perfect snooze inducing storm. If you’re lucky you’ll be gently awoken from your slumber by the sound of the teachers voice. If you’re unlucky it’s the snorting sound of you choking on your own snores which brings your attention (and blushes) back into the room.

5. Sweaty Betty

Never mind during a hot yoga class, regular yoga classes can certainly get the heart rate pumping and those pores pouring! Remember that everybody sweats, it’s just your body's cooling system getting to work. Although it may feel counterintuitive, wearing more clothes can be the key to keeping sweat under control. It’s also why all our leggings are made from breathable and moisture wicking fabric, as well as quick drying. You’re welcome!

6. Bathroom breaks

You may find yourself having to pop to the loo during your class when nature calls. You might try and hold it if you don’t want to interrupt the flow of your practice. But it’s perfectly ok to nip off to the bathroom and back again without having to apologise or ask permission from the teacher. There’s no hall pass needed!


Have we missed out any classic embarrassing yoga moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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