Autumnal Yoga Fashion Tips for the Season Ahead

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Autumnal Yoga Fashion Tips for the Season Ahead 

Autumn is officially in full swing and what better way to welcome a new season than re-stocking your workout wardrobe with stylish yet comfy activewear staples? Just as you switch up your yoga sequences for the colder months, your yoga wardrobe will go through a few changes too. We love this season for slower vinyasa flows, floor-based asana and meditative Yin Yoga. Grab a pumpkin spice latte and read on to discover our top picks to ensure you rock up to your yoga session in style. 

Swap Pretty Pastels for Muted Shades 

Let’s talk about colours. Autumn is awash with colour thanks to mother nature and there’s no reason why your active wear shouldn’t mirror this. Just as your autumn yoga practise allows you to get rid of feelings that no longer serve you, your clothing collection should receive the same treatment so start by swapping out all of those summery pastel hues with earthy tonal hues. When choosing an autumnal colour palette, opt for garments that blend neutrals with pops of burnt orange, oxblood and purples. 

Blossom Yoga Wear Eco friendly activewear and yoga pants


Layer it Up 

In the fall season, it is more important than ever to include a thorough warm up when starting your yoga practise. Beginning your yoga sequence when your body is cold is a recipe for injury so avoid any annoying niggles by layering up and ensuring you keep cosy during your commute. Dressing for the tricky transitional period is quite the challenge as you want to be warm but not too warm but using layers is the key to getting it right. This way, you can arrive warm and remove layers over time throughout your practise so you never get chilly or overheat. 

Organic cotton dusky pink yogini hoodie blossom yoga wear

Keep it Cosy with a Hoodie

Brrrrrrrrr. The Autumn months are also known as sweater weather so be sure to invest in a few cosy hoodies that will ensure you stay warm when the temperature starts to dip. Ideal to throw on as you travel to and from your yoga studio, a cosy sweatshirt or two is an essential addition to your workout wardrobe. 


Stay Motivated with Shiny New Yoga Leggings 

In the summertime it’s easy to find the motivation to lace up your trainers and smash that yoga session but as the darker nights draw in and the nights get colder, you may need a bit of encouragement to throw on your yoga gear. A shiny new pair of yoga leggings could be just the thing that you need to bring enthusiasm to your practise. Of course, our leggings are snug to stave off the chill but are able to wick away sweat after you’ve completed a few advanced poses. They are also available in a range of dazzling designs that are guaranteed to brighten up the dreariest of mornings. 

Top it Off with a Tote Bag 

More layers equal more items to take with you on the go, so it makes sense to have a place to store all of your winter essentials. Invest in a trusty tote and pack your extra layers, your lip balm, your keys and your cosy yoga blanket for the cool down. 

What are your autumnal yoga essentials? 

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