Footage of a woman openly practicing yoga on a packed flight seems to be totally shocking everybody

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Footage of a woman openly practicing yoga on a packed flight seems to be totally shocking everybody.

We all know that sitting still for hours at a time can be one of the most frustrating things about taking a flight. The idea of being able to roll out your yoga mat mid air and work your way through a few rounds of invigorating sun salutations sounds like just the tonic. It’s a nice day dream, but in the end most of us are unlikely to actually go through with it.

Yet this footage of one brave yogini getting her stretch on in the aisle of the plane has just gone viral, with hundreds of thousands of people watching the clip. It seems to have been so shocking to some, that it even made it into newspapers all around the world.

Whilst we’re not so sure what all the fuss is about, one thing’s for’re definitely going to want a good quality pair of non see through yoga pants when you’ve got an audience intently staring at the back end of your downward dog!

And this isn’t the only way yoga up in the sky has hit the headlines this week...

Could in flight yoga become the next big thing?

If you quite like the idea of being able to practice some airplane yoga, but without causing the same kind of spectacle, then we might have a solution for you. Hong Kong–based Cathay Pacific has announced a new ‘Travel with Yoga’ campaign, that could soon see other airlines following suit.

Yoga teachers have designed a series of 6 videos, which can all be done from your seat. Rather unsurprisingly you won’t find many handstands in amongst the routines. Instead simple poses are offered up to try and improve circulation and joint mobility. There’s also sections on meditation as well, to help you to relax the mind during your flight.

It might not offer the same benefits of your usual practice, but a bit of mid-air mindfulness has got to be a good thing. For anyone with their head in the clouds who’s thinking of giving it a go on their next trip, these cloud cuckoo high waisted yoga leggings are just perfect for the occasion. Or if you’re still not sold on the whole idea, they’re also equally as comfy for just sitting around in to watch a film on your inflight entertainment system!

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