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Blossom Yoga Wear was borne out of a desire to find fashion forward quality yoga pants at an affordable price.

In our first collection of 6 yoga pants our goal was to deliver something for everyone. From our years of yoga experience we know that a high waist is 9 times out 10 one of the most important things a yogi looks for in her go to yoga pants, therefore it goes without saying all of our leggings come with a flattering high waist as standard.

When I first joined my yoga studio, it was usually only the Yoga instructors that wore leggings in anything other than black, so I knew that I wanted to cater for those yogis that feel safe and comfortable in black, but I wanted to introduce them to the concept of colour and print, hence we have 2 styles that are mostly black but include some accents of colour print in super flattering places.

With the fashion of mesh, I couldn't launch a range without some saucy mesh panels somewhere, so let me introduce Magical Mesh, plain black but with 2 mesh panels in places that are hugely flattering no matter what your shape or size.

And finally my personal favourites, the all over print for the yogi who likes to bring some colour to her practice! We have started with 3 all over prints that were selected from many more, by lots of practicing yogis who shared their thoughts (good and bad!) on the initial selection.

So we hope you like what we have selected so far and hope to add more assuming this first collection is a success!

We'd love to hear from you, with regards to what you do and don't like and what else you are looking for from your 'go to' workout pants!

Please drop us an email with any thoughts or feedback you might have.

Blossom Yoga Wear x


Blossom Yoga Wear

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