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Yoga & Mother Nature… the perfect pairing.  So, we’d better do all we can, individually & collectively, to tread lightly on this earth and preserve this planet for generations to come, right?  We know how important sustainability is and that's why here at Blossom Yoga Wear we launched our Eco-friendly collection over a year ago.

Blossom Yoga Wear - sustainable activewear eco friendly yoga wear and recycled leggings and yoga pants

If you’re serious about saving the planet, it doesn’t stop with yoga wear.  Head to your bathroom & check out your personal care products… root out the nasties that are introducing chemicals into the eco system & wasting precious resources.  As well as polluting the earth, you’re also impacting that precious, amazing body of yours.

The good news is there are environmentally-friendly, sustainable products available.  An Austrian company has been pioneering product development in this field for 25 years.  We interviewed Denise Boyton-Jennings, a RINGANA business partner to find out more:

BYW: So, what’s so special about RINGANA?

DBJ: Their philosophy! It’s based on 4 pillars…

1. The products are natural and fresh.  The ingredients have roots, been sun-dried and are picked at the peak of freshness.  Unlike other products that are heat or chemically treated to preserve shelf life, RINGANA make each customer’s request to order and sends direct to their home with a fresh sticker and an expiry date they are proud of. 


Ringana at Blossom Yoga Wear - Living a sustainable life style  


2. The products are effective.  RINGANA source ingredients from around the globe to provide their customers the most potent, bioavailable solutions to their needs, naturally.  Whether that’s cleansing, moisturising, firming, boosting your immune system etc., RINGANA provides the best nature can offer.  The products contain no harmful substances, and nothing is added that is not necessary for optimum performance.

 Ringana at Blossom Yoga Wear - Living a sustainable life style


3. Crucially, RINGANA does not use any ingredients that are not renewable in nature, which brings us onto the third pillar – sustainability. RINGANA truly cares for the environment & every little detail supports that from their unique packaging & recycling concept, through to the impressive factory which is run from solar energy and has achieved 85% water saving.


Ringana at Blossom Yoga Wear - Living a sustainable life style  

4. Last, but not least, RINGANA is an ethical organisation.  Every purchase supports social projects around the globe.  With nothing to hide, RINGANA is open about its ingredients & practises – the products are 100% vegan and there is absolutely no animal testing.  Customers and Business Partners alike are treated with utmost respect. 

BYW: Sounds great!  So, what’s in their product range?

DBJ: All the key personal care products – soap, shampoo, moisturisers etc plus food supplements and sports products.



 Ringana at Blossom Yoga Wear - Living a sustainable lifestyle with healthy vegan natural products


BYW: Where can our readers find out more, or buy products?

DBJ: Here’s the link to the shop: .

Click the ‘Send email’ button to get in touch.  I’d be happy to answer any questions and to connect.  There’s a wealth of information about the award-winning organisation here too.

BYW: Finally, any top tips for our readers?

DBJIt’s worth checking the website regularly as there are always a selection of products on special offer.  Currently there are 5 special offers at 10% discount, especially interesting for you figure-conscious yogis wanting to lose weight & detox after the excesses of Christmas… and as an extra incentive to get started, RINGANA gives all customers a €5 welcome voucher when they register.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a cooler career OR want an extra income stream that fits around YOU, get in touch… the business opportunity is not to be missed!

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