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12 Christmas Yoga Poses to Try as 2021 Turns to 2022

 Xmas yoga is a great way to set the tone for a Merry Christmas

Who said Christmas is the wrong time to practise yoga? There’s no wrong time to de-stress yourself with some stretching, meditation and breath control. If you’re excited to try new revitalising Christmas yoga asanas, roll out your mat and add these 12 poses to your practice.

Don’t do them all at once. Try one pose each day of the festive season to let your body and mind gradually soak up the Xmas spirit!

Day 1. Start your Christmas yoga with childlike happiness

Unleash your inner child with a grounding Happy Baby Pose. No stress should be cooped up in your hips. This pose is perfect for Christmas Eve yoga and feels just right on December 25 as you’re on your back and happily connecting with the Earth.

Day 2. Xmas Tree Pose

Put your balance to the test by pretending to be a Christmas tree. No, you don’t have to put on lights and stars. Here’s how you can do a Xmas Tree Pose to enhance coordination and shield your mind from celebration-related worries.

Day 3. Baby Cradle Pose

Your lower back will thank you once stiffness goes away when you’re doing a Baby Cradle Pose. This one improves flexibility and gives your muscles a good stretch.

Day 4. Camel Pose

As you move to Day 4, keep working on your back muscles, plus groins and ankles. A Camel Pose is a must-try Christmas yoga pose that involves plenty of bending.

Day 5. Cat-Cow Pose

Now that you’re approaching New Year’s Eve, revitalising stretches are your must-do asanas. Get started with a Cat-Cow Pose to reboot your mind and body.

Day 6. Full-Body Stretch Pose

Go on with loosening up while stretching your extremes. This pose works like a charm to replenish your inner resources and energy during yoga for Xmas.

Day 7. Breath of Fire

On December 31, it’s time to sit down and fire up your breathing as part of an at-home New Year yoga retreat. Breath of Fire involves a series of repetitive exhales and inhales to activate your energy. Do it several times, and you’re all set to ring in the New Year.

Day 8. Supine Spinal Twist

Let your New Year yoga retreat bring some relaxing moments for you. The best thing is that you don’t even have to stand up to do a Supine Spinal Twist to relieve tension in your back and help your digestive system get rid of toxins.

Day 9. Meditative Asana

It’s still too early to go all out with your Xmas yoga practice and perform physically demanding asanas. But you can always treat yourself to meditation. Once you start soaking up this peaceful, self-communing moment, clear your mind and make resolutions you want to come true in 2022.

Day 10. Wind-Relieving Pose

A Wind-Relieving Pose can be an antidote to your digestive problems during this festive season. Do it properly to stimulate your abdominal organs and even relieve constipation. Here’s how you can perform a Wind-Relieving Pose at home.

Day 11. Side Plank Pose

This asana is not for the faint of heart. When doing a Side Plank Pose, you engage multiple muscle groups, including your obliques. And if you’re up for the challenge, try to raise your top leg!

Day 12. Gratitude Meditation

Make your 12-day Christmas yoga complete by saying your thanks. Think of your loved ones and everything that has brought joy into your life last year.

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    Love this. Will post my poses on IG (@vegan.yoga.han). Merry Christmas!

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