Campaign to get Yoga on the UK National Curriculum

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Here at Blossom Yoga Wear, we are not only designers of beautiful yoga wear, we are yogis too. 

Having started our practice only 2 years ago, we can't imagine our world without yoga now. Not only do we love the feel of our body strengthening and stretching but we love the peace and calm that our practice brings.

So when fellow yogi and friend of Blossom Yoga Wear Elena Voyce told us about the campaign she was promoting to get yoga on the UK National Curriculum, we of course wanted to support and help in any way we can. We are sharing with you in the hope that you will sign the petition and pass on the details to all your friends, family, colleagues and encourage them to support this campaign too.

Thank You, now let's getting promoting!



Kids Yoga


Do you want to see teenagers less stressed?
Do you wish they had more to relax and be kids?
Are you concerned about the ever increasing amount of work they are having to contend with?
If you answered yes then what can we do to help?
We may not be able to change the school system and take away the amount of hard work they have to do, BUT we can bring something to them which provides them with the tools they need to survive this ever changing and hardening world!
By April 2018 we are aiming to reach 10,000 signatures to get Yoga,  Pilates and Mindful Movement as part of the National Curriculum.
Our Mission
To teach prevention before there is a need for a cure. Empower young people to independently take charge, understand and nurture their bodies.
Please help us get this petition to government by signing here now!
Watch this video to learn more.


campaign to get yoga on the National Curriculum

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