Why yoga is set to be a top fitness trend in 2019

Yoga Trends

The practice of yoga can be traced back 5000 years, so us Millennials can hardly stake the claim that it’s a new trend. Yet despite yoga’s long history and proven physical and mental benefits, it’s still continuing to reach new audiences every year. More and more women and men are turning towards yoga to improve body strength, increase flexibility and reduce stress...oh and to Instagram super cool pics wearing our fave yoga pants as we play around with tricky asanas!


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Why yoga’s popularity just keeps on booming...

December may be all about glamorous party gear, but the guilt of Christmas overloading leads to a January surge in the purchase of women’s activewear, all with the determination of getting into shape. The ever-growing role of yoga in the fitness world is reflected in the fact that the yoga market is now worth a staggering £74 billion globally!

In the UK, yoga was one of Google’s most searched for words in 2016 and Google trends recently revealed that only increased during 2017. The peak for people searching for yoga in the New Year is down to the practices increasing reputation for getting bodies healthy after the excesses of the holiday season. Yet yoga’s popularity goes far beyond the physical as scientific research supports just how significant stress is to overall health. As a holistic practice, deeply rooted in mindfulness, yoga recognises how important it is to treat the ‘whole’ and not just strengthen the body.

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It seems social media is helping to strengthen yoga’s popularity...

For people who once upon a time didn’t have access to yoga culture, social media has become a great way to spark interest. These days online influencers share videos and pictures through online sites like Instagram and Youtube, giving inspiration and offering a connection to the yoga community.

And it’s not all sunset yoga beach shots that attract attention. Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl), who has a following of over 2 million people and coined the popular hashtag “yoga every damn day”, is known for her deeply honest posts, as much as her inspirational lifestyle.

Whether you love it or hate it, social media has certainly allowed easier access to yoga resources, bringing yoga into more homes all across the world.

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New yoga trends for 2019…

Last year seemed to bring with it some of the most seemly bizarre yoga trends. Who can forget Goat Yoga, that sold out classes all across the U.S. Then there was Beer Yoga, which started as a trend in Germany but quickly spread to the UK. It’s predicted that as we continue into 2018, we’ll see even more opportunities to exercise with animals and do yoga with your pets, with Dog Yoga classes already up and running in London. Naked yoga is apparently poised to be the next big thing in 2018. Whilst we’re all for body empowerment here at Blossom Yoga Wear, we’re probably going to stick to our comfy high waisted yoga leggings and slogan yoga tops instead!

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