Five Motivating Yoga Mantras to Use This Month


You’ve made it through what undoubtedly feels like the longest month of the year but just in case you need a little extra motivation to keep you going, we’ve got five motivating mantras to put a spring in your step this February.


I Am Enough 

We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves at the beginning of the year and striving to excel at work while juggling family commitments, social lives and often a new and improved fitness regime can leave us feeling burned out. This uplifting mantra can help to ground you and remind you that while working to improve yourself every day is a positive achievement; you are worthy of self-love without the need to change. You are perfect just the way you are. Repeat after us. I am enough. I am enough. I am enough. 


 Mindful Mantras for wellness from Blossom Yoga Wear


I Have Time 

This is the perfect mantra to dig out on a morning if you are feeling overwhelmed with the day’s tasks. If one of your goals this year was to prioritise slow living or practise mindfulness on a daily basis, this is the mantra for you. When you feel yourself rushing through your to-do list or you feel like you’re slipping behind and your mind is in a frenzy, take a moment to slow down and repeat the mantra, I have time. And breathe. 


Spread Love and Kindness

We all need a shot of positivity on the dark winter mornings and this mantra is designed to remind you of what really matters. It’s easy to get bogged down with everyday stresses and responsibilities but by chanting this mantra and reminding ourselves to spread love and kindness, you can start the day on a positive note. Doing small acts of kindness can give us the boost we need on a dreary day and showing others love is a simple way to boost your own positivity frequencies and put you on the right track to abundance, happiness and satisfaction. 

Blossom Yoga Wear mindful Mantras for Wellness 

Dream Big 

This mantra should be one you repeat every morning or evening to remind you of your goals. Whether you want to master a new set of poses, advance your daily practice or simply practise more, remind yourself that you can achieve great things and your ambitions are not limited by anyone or anything. Perhaps the most powerful mantra on our list, we adore this one when you want to realise your true potential.


Om Ritam Namah  

We couldn’t create a list of inspiring yoga mantras without adding a little intrigue and mystery! This fancy-sounding mantra translates to “My intentions and desires are directly connected and supported by universal intelligence.” This one is ideal to pull out of the bag when you hit a crossroads and have some big decisions to make. We love it because it is designed to reassure you and let you know that you are on the right path. Making a big decision is always daunting but saying this mantra reminds us that the universe is always on hand to guide us in life. 

 Mindful mantras for wellbeing from Blossom Yoga Well


Which motivating mantra will you use today? 

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