How to Maintain a Vegan Diet

So, we know that adopting a vegan diet is an extremely rewarding decision both personally and for the planet but what exactly does it involve and is it realistic for you?

Here’s our top tips for yogis looking to make the transition and maintain it.

 Blossom Yoga Wear How to become vegan

Get the Lowdown

Before you throw yourself wholeheartedly into the vegan way of life, do your research and arm yourself with knowledge. This will not only give you inspiration when it comes to creating your very own vegan menu filled with delicious meal ideas, it will help you decide whether or not a vegan diet is feasible for you and your lifestyle.

Make a Meal Plan

One of the main reasons people find it challenging to maintain a vegan diet is because they have played it safe and haven’t got variety in their diet. There is more to going Vegan than snacking on Tofu and lentils. There’s delicious hearty soups, acai bowls and even plant based tacos and sushi. Every day can be different. Mix it up and find your feet with nutritious breakfast shakes and soups and create vegan alternatives to your favourite dishes from chilli and rice to pizza and plant based burgers. Stock your pantry! You’ve got this!

 Blossom Yoga Wear How to become vegan

Phase it In

To have the best chance at maintaining a vegan diet, dip a toe rather than diving in the deep end. You could try eating plant based foods three days of the week at first or swap one meal per day from meat based to vegan. This way, you don’t feel like you are giving up your favourite things but in fact, incorporating new delicious meals into your existing diet. If you fully overhaul your diet only to slip up a few days or weeks in, don’t worry, the goal isn’t to be perfect it’s to make progress.

 Blossom Yoga Wear How to become vegan

Have Fun with It

Yes, vegan meals aren’t as easily accessible and takeout options are rarer but it doesn’t mean that you have to give up the things you love like dinner parties and date nights, it’s simply about finding alternatives. For example, date nights don’t have to be a thing of the past just because you have adopted different eating habits. Have fun with it and replace your pizza takeout with a romantic vegan sushi night. Entertaining friends and eating out are still on the cards, you just have to allow for a bit of extra planning.

Find Your Vegan Community

That’s right, we’re talking Facebook groups, Whatsapp chats, Instagram lives. You have more chance of maintaining a new lifestyle change if you have a support network. Find your tribe! Don’t go it alone, find an accountability buddy and adopt a healthier lifestyle while saving the planet.

 Blossom Yoga Wear How to become vegan

So, how can you maintain a vegan diet? Be open to learning about vegan cuisine, stock up on healthy ingredients and experiment with different meals until you find dishes you love. Going vegan? Let us know how you get on in the comments!

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