How to Make your Own Toiletries

Eco-friendly Sustainability

Here at Blossom Yoga, we’re always doing our bit to save the planet, that’s why we’ve introduced yoga leggings and tote bags that are spun from recycled materials and eco-friendly fabrics but we know that we can always do more. If you want to embrace sustainability in 2022, we’ve put together a guide to help you make your own toiletries and wave goodbye to excess plastic packaging. Let’s wave goodbye to 2021 and say hello to a more sustainable future with zero waste toiletries.

 Make your own toiletries blog - Blossom Yoga Wear

Why Make your Own Toiletries? 

If you’re embarking on a zero waste journey, making your own toiletries and adopting a sustainable skincare routine is an exciting step towards this. So, what do we have to gain from making our own products? Well, aside from the obvious benefit of cutting back on the plastic that comes with many toiletries which is better for the environment, you will also benefit from saving money as you’re not paying for any pricey brand names. Your products will also contain fewer chemicals than store-bought items as you have full control over the ingredients you choose.

Where Do I Start?

Making your own toiletries can feel overwhelming at first but don’t worry you don’t have to convert all of your supermarket bought products to homemade versions all at once. Start with one item at a time, such as toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body scrub or lip balm and then you can conquer the more complex products like deodorant and perfume once you have mastered the basics. Start with the product that you have run out of and let this be your maiden voyage into zero waste toiletries. You will find that you can make your own beauty products with ingredients you already have in your cupboards.

 Make your own toiletries blog - Blossom Yoga Wear

Did you know that you can create your own face toner with green tea and essential oils? Make a list of the core ingredients that will feature in your homemade beauty products. Common ingredients include salt and sugar that make a great base for face and body scrubs, essential oils that add a pleasant scent to perfumes and lotions and baking soda that is used for shampoos and olive oil for conditioning treatments and masks. You can make homemade versions of all of the shop bought products you currently use even shaving creams and dry shampoo. For recipes for all of your essential toiletries, simply search the internet for zero waste blogs or YouTube channels and you will find all of the info is at your fingertips.

Make your own toiletries blog - Blossom Yoga Wear

Packaging your Products


Once you’ve bought your ingredients and experimented with making your homemade toiletries, you’ll want to package them. Glass mason jars are perfect as you can simply wash them out and use them over and over again with zero waste. You can also have lots of fun creating decorative labels for your homemade products. Homemade toiletries such as face masks and body scrubs make lovely gifts for your friends and family so why not whip up an extra batch and pass on the zero waste initiative?

 Make your own toiletries blog - Blossom Yoga Wear

Are you planning on making your own homemade beauty products in 2022?


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