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Yoga Practice

Whether you’re a seasoned pro who dedicates hours every day (although let’s face it...ain’t nobody got time for that), or you can only spare 15 minutes, there are always ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your yoga practice.

Both on and off the mat, a few additions here and the odd tweaks there, can ensure your yoga routine stretches that little bit further.

# Use Props

A lot of experienced yogis are hesitant to use props, yet the wide variety on the market can really support your practice. Some days your body may need a helping hand because every day is different. It may be for greater comfort in a restorative pose, or to give you some extra length when you need it (because no matter how experienced you are, your arms and legs aren’t going to grow). It doesn’t even need to be expensive, you can always use blankets and cushions that are already in your home.

# Have a satisfying quickie

Just like some, erm, other things in life, you don’t always feel in the mood, but once you get started you usually end up getting into the swing of things. Rather than setting yourself an unrealistic yoga goal, fit in 10-minute quickies into your day to revitalize or de-stress your body whenever you need it. Think quality over quantity.

# Don’t forget to breath

Considering we’ve all managed it from birth, without much need for prompting, it’s surprising how often we genuinely need reminding throughout our practice to breath. Before you start any asanas, a few minutes of breathing exercises, or even several deep breaths, help get fresh oxygen circulating around your body and allows you to mentally arrive in the space and feel calmer.

# Put some thought into your yoga clothes.

Wearing the wrong clothes during your yoga practice can be very distracting. Pants falling down and tops over your head don’t make you feel particularly zen. You want your yoga wear to be comfortable but also supportive. That’s why at Blossom Yoga Wear we make all our yoga pants high waisted so that everything stays where it’s supposed to! Opt for Yoga tops that are soft and fitted, but still loose enough to move around.

 Handstand in Elephant Print Yoga Pants from Blossom Yoga Wear

# Set intentions

Intentions are great ways to create a stronger connection between your yoga practice and what’s going on in your life. Whether it’s gratitude, forgiveness, patience or kindness, an intention is all about focusing on something, in order to help cultivate it. It may start on the mat, yet you can continue to be mindful of your chosen intention throughout the day too.

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