The 7 most common misconceptions about people who practice yoga

Yoga Practice

We set the record straight on some of the biggest myths and stereotypes surrounding yoga.

The yoga stereotype is so strong that for a minute it even had us convinced we clearly weren’t doing this whole yoga thing right. Then we met the other women and men in our yoga class and realised that they’re not Budha either. Phew! It’s no wonder that non yoga types often make these 7 all too common mistakes:

1. A sense of humour is allowed
We don’t take it all quite as seriously as you may think. We’re fully capable of cracking a smile, having a laugh and dare I say, even making the odd joke or two (when we’re not too busy meditating in caves). Those who assume yoga requires getting a sense of humour bypass can Kiss my Asana!

2. We don’t live off sprouted mung beans
Practicing yoga does not mean you have to be a food purist Saint. Whilst plenty of yogi’s and yogini’s are vegetarian or vegan, not everyone is. Sure, our body may be our temple, but as far as we know, there aren’t any rules banning chocolate biscuits from entering temples.

3. We’re not always zen
Yoga is a great tool to destress and find greater peace, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still completely lose it from time to time. Whilst finding better emotional, physical and spiritual balance is one of the best things about practicing yoga, it can’t offer instant and eternal serenity. There are always going to be those days when we’re feeling more Namaslay than Namaste.

4. We’re not all super bendy
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be Stretch Armstrong to practice yoga. The amount of times people up and down the country utter the excuse “Oh, I’m not flexible enough to do yoga”. Whilst that’s probably more reason to practice yoga, even if your flexibility doesn’t improve one bit, yoga is about so much more than being able to touch your toes.

5. We’re not size zero
The body beautiful yogini’s are out there (and good for them! We celebrate all goddesses, no matter what shape and size), but getting a “yoga ass” is not the point. We practice yoga to feel stronger and more connected to our bodies and not to look better in a bikini.

@mynameisjessamyn Yogi
Yoga teacher and instagram sensation @mynameisjessamyn turns yoga stereotypes on their head.

6. We don’t have all the answers
The secrets of the Universe aren’t handed out at the beginning of every yoga class, which sadly means we’re working it all out as we go along, just like everybody else. That also means we still get it the time.


7. We have our vices
Yep, plenty of us drink alcohol, some smoke...and you may even still hear the occasional curse word uttered from our mouths. Shocking I know, but it turns out we’re just human after all.


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