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Self love is something we could all use a little more of, so if you are searching for ways to be kinder to yourself this year, we’ve got some superb yoga poses to help you make self love a priority. So, how exactly do you prioritise self love? Carve out time in your busy schedule just for you! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there is no better time to flood your yoga sessions with self love, gratitude and compassion.


The Ultimate Self-Love Yoga Sequence

Before you begin, add a few little luxuries to your yoga practice. Infuse your water with some citrus fruits, treat yourself to some new yoga leggings, light your favourite candles or burn some essential oils and play a feel good playlist. Sometimes it can be the smallest changes that make a big difference.

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Begin with Ragdoll Forward Fold

Self love is all about finding time in your day to pause and breathe. Taking a minute to express gratitude and reflecting on the things you are grateful for is just one way to show yourself some extra TLC on the days that you need it. With your feet hip width apart, fold your body over your knees and grab on to your elbows. Dangle here for a round of breath and enjoy the stretch as your spine lengthens and your back relaxes. Hold this pose for five minutes and relish the tranquillity as you sway from side to side.

 Yoga for self love - Blossom yoga wear blog Ragdoll pose

Upward Facing Dog

A yummy pose that really opens up the chest and allows you to take a full breath, Upward Facing Dog is the perfect posture booster. Great if you sit at a desk all day and is a welcome release from a sedentary lifestyle. From plank pose, lower your body to the floor and plant your palms into the floor. Push up and lift your head and chest up, leaving your lower body to sink into the mat.

 Yoga for self love - Blossom yoga wear blog - upward facing dog pose

Seated Forward Fold

Another pose that you can really relax into, the seated forward fold is known to soothe the nervous system leaving you feeling a sense of calm. Sit on your yoga mat and let your upper body melt into your lower body, leaving you to control the intensity of the stretch. As you exhale, reach your hands towards your toes and relax your head and neck, letting gravity do all the work. Take as long as you need in this pose and really savour the silence.

 Yoga for self love - Blossom yoga wear blog - seated forward fold

Legs Up the Wall

This has to be one of the most relaxing poses of all time, first of all, because it is one of the easiest but it is also proven to quieten your body’s instinctive fight or flight response. Spend five minutes in this pose and you will feel calmer and more grounded on the other side.

 Yoga for self love - Blossom yoga wear blog - feet up the wall pose

Happy Baby Pose

The perfect pose to finish with, the Happy Baby Pose is a celebration of self love. Lay with your back flat on the mat and bring your legs into table top position. From here grab on to the soles of your feet and let your body rock from side to side. Smile. This is an excellent hip opener and is a joyful pose that can’t help but leave you feeling positive.

 Yoga for self love - Blossom yoga wear blog - Happy Baby Pose

Who is feeling the love?

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