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We Chat with Kate Burrows - Award Winning Personal Trainer

Yoga Practice

We asked award winning personal trainer Kate Burrows, founder of KB Personal Training - Female Personal Trainers in London her thoughts on strength training to compliment your yoga practice. 

Read on to hear what she said.
How to improve your yoga practice with strength training
What are the benefits of strength training alongside your yoga practice?
  • It will help you achieve the more challenging poses
  • You will build more muscle and burn more fat
  • The combination of yoga and strength training will help you see more definition
  • You will improve your balance
  • Stronger muscles help stabilise your joints, helping to prevent injury
  • Boosted speed and power
  • Increased strength will help you find longer yoga classes easier
How should you get started?
The most important thing when you are starting to do something new is to do it correctly.  If you are new to using weights it is very important you get your form correct.  You could get a few PT sessions so your PT can teach you the correct form.  You could attend a fitness class - I would get there a bit early and let the teacher know you are new to strength training so they can keep an eye on you in class.  If you are doing online workouts you can google moves you don't know to ensure you are getting your form correct.
Do you do both strength training and yoga?
I most certainly do.  I love feeling strong - it makes me feel good both physically and mentally.  It also makes day to day life easier.  I also love feeling flexible, I feel stiff if I don't practice yoga and crave it.  For me yoga and strength training go together like wine and cheese!
How often should you practice yoga and do strength training?
This is a hard question to answer as it is very individual.  I recommend building up to 2-3 strength sessions a week.  If you are trying to progress in yoga again 2-3 sessions a week is a great amount.
Any more tips?
My last tip would be to try and think about the yoga poses you want to achieve or progress in and then try to find strength exercises to help with these.  For example a plank row will help with a stronger chaturanga.
How to improve your yoga practice with strength training
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