Spring Wellness Trends to try this Spring

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Spring is approaching fast and with a new season comes a sprinkling of new and exciting wellness trends. If like us, you are striving to prioritise health and wellbeing this year, we have a bunch of new wellness trends to try to get you one step closer to your best self. So what exactly does the world of wellness have in store for us this season?


A Focus on Fitness Tech


While you don’t need any tech to enjoy yoga, there are some new and exciting pieces of home apparatus that can enhance your experience. The home fitness mirror has caused quite a stir this year and this pricey piece of tech helps you to do live fitness classes with yogis all over the world. While Apple Watches and various other fitness apps have always been a popular way to monitor our fitness stats, this year sees a rise in tech for yoga lovers.


Spring Wellness Trends to Try in This Spring


Of course, the pandemic has a lot to do with this as yoga lovers have had to adapt from studio classes to home workouts and as a result, have tried and tested more tech than ever before. Yoga proved itself to be the ultimate pandemic proof workout as it is so easy to do at home but this has led to yoga enthusiasts investing in tempting home tech to enhance their yoga practice and get that luxury factor.


Full Moon Bathing Rituals


So, you’ve heard of full moon yoga rituals but have you heard of full moon bathing rituals? Self care is obviously a huge theme again this year but full moon bathing is a relatively new wellness trend that is supposed to help you improve the quality of sleep and it also helps channel your energy and release any negativity you may have been holding onto. The next full moon is April 6th and is a Pink Moon, so pop the date in your diary and give this one a go!

 Spring Wellness Trends to Try in This Spring

Crystal Infused Yoga Mats


Now, we knew that crystals were going nowhere for 2023. Crystals and gratitude go hand in hand and you only have to look at how manifestation practises have blown up in recent years to realise that crystals are here to stay. Last year we saw crystal infused water bottles hit the market and this year we have crystal infused yoga mats! If you are already incorporating crystals into your yoga practise, this could be a natural next step.

 Spring Wellness Trends to Try in This Spring

Bacteria Busting Towels


How we track our progress isn’t the only thing that is becoming more high-tech. The way we dry off is also changing. The latest trend to hit our radar is towels infused with silver which is known to have anti-bacterial properties. What better accessory to take with you as you ease your way back in to training at a gym or studio?

 Spring Wellness Trends to Try in This Spring

Which trends are on your radar for 2023?

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