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During the past few months, I don't know about you but I have got quite used to practicing yoga and fitness at home. I didn't have to stick to the class times scheduled by studios or gyms and I could usually find a free IGTV class to do when ever it suited me, and guess what I've got used to it. 

No more rushing to get ready, drive to the studio, find a parking space and still claim my favourite place in class. And I have to say I like it!

However, when my local studio reopened I wanted to go along and show my support and I am soooooo glad I did. I had quite forgotten all the reasons I loved going to a studio before lockdown.

The Social.

I am quite partial to a chat, and working alone most of the time, my daily trip to the studio also means I get to interact with like minded yogis and I have REALLY missed this.

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The Studio Environment.

Practicing in a group and hearing that awesome ujjayi breath with everyone moving and breathing together is quite a special feeling, and I had forgotten how much this helps you move through a challenging practice. Not to mention the giggles when one us starts going in the wrong direction.

A Real Life Teacher.

I know it's a real teacher who can see you during a zoom practice, but it's not quite the same as them seeing you in person in the studio and encouraging you to go that little deeper or giving those subtle verbal instructions that make all the difference to your alignment.

No Distractions.

Not many of us are lucky enough to have a bespoke yoga space at home, in which we can totally shut off from the rest of our life. So for most of us we are either in the kitchen or lounge, and able to hear the washing machine beeping or the doorbell chiming or a phone ringing. These constant distractions mean we are unable to totally absorb the benefits of our practice and the moving mediation that comes with it.

I actually experienced the window cleaners cleaning the windows whilst I was laying on my bed wearing an eye mask in a yoga nidra, and let me tell you it was definitely not the experience I had hoped for! 

No Wifi issues.

I would be very surprised if anyone reading this has not experienced a wifi issue at some point in one of their on line classes. You know that moment, when you think the teacher has forgotten that you have been in pigeon pose on the left side for about 7 minutes, but when you look up she has frozen on the screen and you have to make your own way to the end of the class.

Support Your Local Studio

So as much as I do enjoy practicing in my own time at home, I remember now why I joined a studio in the first place and although it isn't exactly the same as it was right now, it's a whole lot better for the authentic yoga experience than being on my mat in my kitchen with the postman knocking on the door and dishwasher telling me it needs unloading!

So let's make sure we support our studios through this tough time and get back to practicing in them, as I don't know about you but I would hate to lose any of them and have no choice but to practice in my kitchen!

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