Six Essentials to Bring to Your First Yoga Class

Yoga Practice

So, you’ve carved out time in your busy schedule and booked your first yoga class. What now? If you’re wondering what you need for your first studio session, don’t stress, we’ve got all bases covered which means you do too! Here are six essentials to bring to class.

Comfortable Attire

Ok, so at the top of our essentials list is a yoga outfit that boasts plenty of stretch. We’re talking leggings that provide maximum mobility providing comfort throughout your practice. Opt for a high waisted pair of yoga leggings and throw over a floaty tank. Simple! We recommend lightweight layers that you can add on or take off at different stages of your workout.

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Tap water, bottled water, flavoured water? It really doesn’t matter what your go-to form of H20 is, but it is essential that you bring it with you. Staying hydrated throughout your yoga session is paramount so fill up a bottle, the bigger the better! Take sips regularly during your session and immediately after to replace the fluids lost during your workout.

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Yoga Towel


This is a clever addition to your yoga bag, especially if you are trying hot yoga for the first time. You can burn anywhere between 200 and 1000 calories in a yoga session, depending on the level and style of class, so expect to sweat. Yoga postures, especially the advanced ones, can be challenging aerobically, so it’s always handy to have a small towel.


A Sweater


There’s always a cool down section to your yoga session (usually referred to as a Savasana) and it’s natural for your temperature to drop slightly during this. A cozy sweater is handy to throw on during the cooler months or a cropped sweater in the summer months can help you brave the chill during a cool down not to mention your post yoga commute.

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A Post Yoga Snack


An hour long yoga session can burn a surprising amount of calories so don’t be surprised if you feel hungry after your class. Stash a post yoga snack in your bag, a handful of almonds, granola, a protein bar or shake is the perfect way to refuel!


A Positive Attitude


Perhaps the most important thing to bring with you is a positive mindset. Trying yoga for the first time or experimenting with a different type of yoga such as Bikram yoga or Ashtanga yoga can be daunting, so rather than putting pressure on yourself to get the poses right the first time, adopt a positive attitude and give it your best go. You may not pick up all of the poses right away and that’s fine, yoga classes are a judgement free zone so take the pressure of and enjoy every minute.


So, there you have it, a check list of the bare essentials! You’re all set to enjoy your first yoga class.

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