The Ultimate Get Up and Go Morning Yoga Playlist

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The Ultimate Get Up and Go Morning Yoga Playlist

We all know that the way you start your morning can set the tone of your entire day, so make sure you get your day off to the best possible start with a sunrise yoga session. Enjoy a yoga class bursting with poses designed to energise and blast out your go-to get up and go playlist. Don’t have one? Here are eight essential songs to clear away the cobwebs because we can all do with a little get up and go right now!

Blossom Yoga Wear Ultimate Get Up And Go Morning Yoga Playlist

Africa by Cirque Du Soleil (Cottonbelly Remix)

When creating a fitting playlist for your session, imagine an arc. The ultimate get up and go playlist should start slow and gain momentum and this track with its positive undertones is the perfect way to start your practice. It’s beautifully rhythmic without distracting you from your flow and it features an unearthly tribal beat that creates the perfect backdrop to any morning yoga session. When the beat drops, you can’t help but feel joy.

Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

This track has a catchy beat that cultivates a little heat into your morning Ashtanga practice. Its melody is addictive and you’ll find more than enough motivation to get moving! It gives off a chilled and relaxed vibe contrasting melancholy lyrics that are soothing to the ear with a lively backing track.

Memories by Petit Biscuit

This fast paced song is upbeat with an enchanting melody that can’t help but keep your motivation souring as you complete the first half of your practice. This is a sure fire mood elevator and is guaranteed to have you bursting with positivity.

A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay

Mark the crescendo of your yoga sequence and celebrate achieving some of your most challenging poses with this delightful track. This point in your workout comes just around the peak of the arc where you will begin to wind back down so enjoy every second.

Pumpin Blood by The Chainsmokers

When thinking of your session as an arc, we’re now starting our descent. Tracks take on a slower pace from here on out. Powerful yet beautiful, this song features on many a morning yoga playlist and for good reason. Amp up the energy with this anthem, but you’ve been warned, you may not be able to get it out of your head all day.

Goddess by Banks

We’re starting to wind down now and this tune is ideal when you begin the last quarter of your workout. Take the pace down a notch and enjoy this one fully.

Blossom Yoga Wear Ultimate Get Up And Go Morning Yoga Playlist

Follow the Sun by Caroline Pennell (Acoustic version)

The penultimate song on your playlist is designed to bring you back down to Earth and ensure you feel grounded for the day ahead. We adore this track with its haunting vocals, its the perfect backdrop when cooling down. 

Hide and Seek Imogen Heap

Save the best for last. A great transitional track to utilise as your practice is coming to an end. Reflective and beautiful, it’s the best song to listen to as you lay on your mat in Savasana. Play the remix version if you want to match the energy at the beginning of your playlist but the original version captures the exposed and vulnerable tones of the artist and allows you to tune into your emotions. This track is four and half minutes long which will take you through Savasana and beyond.

Check it out for yourself here

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