How Yoga Can Help You Improve Balance

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How to Improve Your Balance with Yoga


Yoga comes with a plethora of benefits from increasing your flexibility to boosting your mood, but did you know it can also help you to improve your balance? If you want to tap into this benefit, this post will give you the low down on the balance challenging poses to try!

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Why is Good Balance Important?


Good balance comes with a ton of advantages, not just in your yoga practise but in your day-to-day life too. Boosting your balancing skills will not only give you added stability but also strengthen your core and improved co-ordination. This, in turn, can minimise your risk of injury both in and out of the studio.


Balancing Postures to Try


In order to improve your balance, you have to challenge it and these poses are a great place to begin doing that.


  • Rag Doll Pose – This is a great balance pose for beginners. Start with both feet on the floor hip width apart. Fold the top half of your body over hugging your elbows and let your head hang. Sway slightly in this pose to challenge your core and allow your feet to steady you.
  • Tree Pose – This is a simple standing pose that boasts big balance benefits. Begin by lifting one foot and resting it on your inner calf either above or below the knee with your leg bent at a right angle. Your arms should be positioned in prayer position at your chest.

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  • Anjaneyasana – A superb stretch for the groin and hips, this pose is basically a deep lunge that transcends from downward dog. Bring one foot forward and sink into the lunge, opening your chest as your hands come together and your arms life overhead. Look to the sky and hold for a count of five breaths.

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  • Warrior Two Pose – Begin in mountain pose and take a step back with your left leg. Raise your arms parallel to the body and place your weight on your front knee that should be positioned over your toe.
  • Eagle Pose – This is one of the more challenging balance poses for advanced yogis. Lift the right leg and wrap it around the left thigh and hook the foot around the calf. Cross the left arm over the right and let the palms touch. With only one foot on the floor, your balance can’t fail to be tested. Hold it for ten rounds of breath.

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Don’t Forget to Practise Drishti


Drishti translated from Sanskrit means focused gaze and utilising this can help take your balancing skills to new heights. When practising static poses, pin your gaze on a fixed point at eye level and marvel at how your balance improves. Once you have mastered the art of Drishti, test your balance skills by practising the above poses with your eyes closed.

Lastly, don’t forget to focus on your breath while practising balance poses. Maintaining a slow and steady rhythm is key to working on your balance skills. Which balance pose is your favourite?

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