The Yoga Channels We Will Be Watching in 2021

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With gyms and studios closed in various cities due to lockdown, more and more of us are going online to get our yoga fix. The great news is YouTube is overflowing with yoga tutorials and classes that can teach you new skills and help you progress and keep fit at home. Here are the Yoga channels we will be tuning into this year.


Liv Townsend

 Liv Townsend Yoga on You Tube

If it’s motivation you’re looking for, Liv Townsend’s YouTube Channel should be your first port of call. Liv takes her love of yoga online in a unique way that has allowed her to build a large community with one thing in common. That’s yoga. She offers classes for all abilities as well as 21-day yoga challenges if you need a push to spend some you time on the mat. Liv also has a variety of how to videos that are great if you want to perfect a particular pose. Don’t forget to get involved in her weekly Instagram lives and connect with fellow fans.


The Under Belly Yoga


As we know, yoga is an inclusive type of fitness that people of all shapes, sizes and abilities can enjoy and benefit from. Jessamyn Stanley embodies this concept and her channel is an inspiration for everyone but especially plus size followers. If you want to get into the habit of daily yoga but you find the idea daunting, Jessamyn’s sessions are easy to follow and brimming with body positivity.

 THe Under Belly Yoga You Tube Channel

Tara Styles Yoga


One of the most refreshing parts of finding a new yoga channel to watch on YouTube is that it will offer something new and Tara Styles’ approach to yoga is one hundred percent unique. We love that Tara’s channel covers the mental benefits of yoga and healing is a big focus in her videos. Subscribe to this channel if you want to enjoy and explore breathing exercises, meditation and healing further in 2021.


Ali Kamenova


Ali Kamenova is an LA based Yoga influencer and she specialises in yoga intervals that focus on core work. If it is core work that draws you to yoga specifically, this is the channel for you. It’s upbeat and intense, perfect for those who want to get a sweat on while improving posture and core strength. There are over 500 hundred classes to enjoy on her YouTube channel, so you are sure to find a class that inspires you.


Cosmic Kids Yoga


Lastly, if you have little ones at home, you might be wondering how you can break up the day with something a little different, so why not let them explore yoga with you? Relaxation and mindfulness has benefits for adults and children alike and this channel is brimming with fun ways to get your kids excited about yoga. Here you will find themed yoga sessions including Super Hero yoga, Mermaids and Pirates yoga and Under the Sea yoga.

 Cosmic Kids Yoga



Which yoga channels do you currently subscribe to? Leave us a recommendation in the comments.

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