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Is it time to add a few new additions to your workout wardrobe? Bored of your old, ill-fitting yoga pants? It’s time for a refresh. Wearing appropriate clothing for a yoga class can not only make you look and feel good, but it can also ensure you are comfortable throughout the session and of course allow you to move from pose to pose effortlessly. Here’s our top tips on choosing the best leggings for yoga.


First and Foremost, Consider the Length

One of the most important factors when deciding which pair of leggings are the best for your yoga class is length. If you like your leggings to cover the heel of your foot be sure to choose a pair that are 4 way stretch so they stretch in length as well as width, a good level of spandex will allow the leggings plenty of movement but will still give you all the support you need. If you’re on the shorter side, a 7/8 length may be a better choice for you if you wish to avoid too much bagging at the ankle.

Blossom Yoga Wear - What should I wear for yoga - which are the best leggings for yoga

Concentrate on the Fit

With hundreds of leggings on the market that range from baggy and flared to fitted, it’s no surprise that finding the perfect pair can often be a challenge.  So, first you should decide between form-fitting or loose yoga pants. Generally, when you’re on the mat, you want a fitted pair of leggings that fit like a second skin but don’t prevent you from moving and bending into your chosen pose. Flexibility is paramount, so look for a pair crafted from stretchy fabric that moulds to every curve of your body without restricting movement.


Find the Perfect Fabric

The right fabric will provide you with the support you need and of course the thickness you desire. When you are bending and stretching into complex poses, you want to be able to do so confidently, safe in the knowledge that your yoga pants won’t be showing your underwear or losing their opaqueness when you shift positions. Four-way stretch fabrics tick all of the boxes. You might want to try eco-friendly fabrics some of which are spun from recycled plastic bottles!

Blossom Yoga Wear - What should I wear for yoga - which are the best leggings for yoga

Comfort is paramount and this usually comes down to the fabric you choose. Think about the type of yoga you will be doing. Will you be working up a sweat or practising light stretches? If you like hot yoga, opt for a sweat-wicking fabric that will keep you dry during your practise but if you are mostly practising hatha yoga or yin, you can opt for a soft cotton blend.


Opt for A Suitable Style

Lastly, the style of yoga pant is also key. Avoid low rise designs in favour of high waisted pants, as this style really offers support and coverage where you need it the most. Colours and patterns are cool if you want a feminine yet fun pair of yoga pants that are fashionable enough to wear to run errands or do the post yoga coffee run.

Blossom Yoga Wear - What should I wear for yoga - which are the best leggings for yoga

What shall I wear to workout? It’s one of our most asked questions here at Blossom Yoga, so we hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to choosing the best leggings for your yoga practise.


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