Top 7 craziest yoga trends...

Yoga Trends

....the most wonderful or weird yoga classes revealed!

From fabulously fun to downright odd, the past few years has seen an ever increasing amount of er…”alternative” yoga classes out there to try. Whilst arguably anything that leads people down the yoga path is a good thing, we can’t help but wonder where the trend for gimmick yoga could go next?! Whether you feel like it’s making a mockery of the practice or just a bit of fun, there’s definitely a yoga class for everyone these days. So here’s our ultimate countdown to the top 7 craziest yoga trends...  



1. Snowga

Forget hot yoga and bikram, snowga is bringing the chill factor to yoga practice. Performed outside in freezing temperatures, it’s unsurprisingly been adopted by skiing and snowboarding yogis and yoginis, who have been posting social media pics from the slopes under the hashtag #snowga. 


2. Beer yoga

Starting in Germany, the headline grabbing “beer yoga” is a novelty that has been around for a couple of years now. It’s become very popular in Asia apparently, with classes also popping up all over the world. Hmmmm…


3. Animal yoga.

It may have started out with involving your pet pooch or pussy in your practice, but it didn’t take long before goat yoga, bunny yoga and even horse yoga emerged on the scene. 



 4. Naked yoga

Do a quick internet search for naked yoga and the top results are slightly more of the X-rated variety! But practitioners of this increasingly popular form of yoga emphasise the freedom of practicing unrestricted by clothing. We love the idea of promoting body positivity and inner confidence in your skin, but we still can’t help but wince at the thought of downward dog without your yoga pants on.

5. Glow in the dark yoga

“Flow in the dark” or “Glowga” is a pretty fun twist on a regular yoga class that practices under neon or black light along with fluorescent clothing. Performing asanas in near darkness might not be for everyone, but it can heighten the senses and encourage focus. 



6. Laughter Yoga

It’s true that laughter is the best medicine as research has proved that laughing boosts your immune system, improves your mood, relieves stress and can even reduce pain. So it makes sense that laughing yoga, which combines simulated laughter with gentle breathing techniques, can have a very positive impact on the body. 

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7. Metal Yoga

 Pop on your Namaslay yoga top and prepare to rock! Heavy metal yoga is a fierce form of yoga that involves headbanging, kicking, punching and air guitar playing your way to a sweaty and stress releasing climax.   

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