What is Yoga Therapy?

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If there’s anything a global pandemic has taught us, it’s that self-care is paramount. The simple act of carving out a small portion of the day just for you is therapeutic in itself, regardless of the activity you choose to enjoy. But did you know that yoga can be used to benefit both your physical and mental health? Here’s a little guide to yoga therapy and how you can prioritise your overall health and wellbeing with poses and breathing exercises you can incorporate into your practice.


What’s the Difference?


We know what you’re thinking. How exactly does yoga therapy differ from traditional yoga? Yoga therapy is tailored to take a holistic approach. This means that poses and breathing techniques are specifically chosen for their ability to improve and enhance your emotional state. This could be poses that are designed to reduce anxiety or depression, breathing exercises to aid injury recovery or meditation practices that target symptoms of chronic pain.

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One on One Learning


Everyone is different when it comes to health and wellbeing and because of this, we recommend a one-on-one experience unless you are simply looking to improve your overall health. This way you can enjoy a session tailored to your specific needs. Alternatively, you can do an online yoga therapy class that addresses your particular symptoms. One size does not fit all, so spend a bit of time honing in on the perfect class for you to reap the maximum benefit.




Pranayama is only one aspect of a yoga therapy class, but it’s a powerful one. The type of breathing exercises will differ depending on the health concern in question. You can target anything from stress and anxiety to insomnia and depression. Just as breathing can be used in traditional classes to boost your energy or induce a state of calm, yoga therapy incorporates breathing techniques that support the nervous system.

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Many of us fail to focus on breath work during our day to day lives but that’s why yoga therapy is so beneficial. One such technique is Pranayama, which is basically prolonging your exhalation. Try to draw out your exhalation for six to eight seconds. This slows the heart rate and helps you feel centred and grounded. Try this on the yoga mat when your emotions are feeling rocky.


Popular Poses


To get the most out of yoga therapy, breath work should be paired with beneficial poses. The best part about yoga therapy is that it’s all encompassing. So whatever physical or emotional ailment you have, from fatigue to digestion issues, there is a pose for it. Once you have identified the best pose for you, you can incorporate them into your own home sessions. This way you get all the relaxing benefits of yoga but are supported throughout your own personal healing journey.


Would you try yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy blog by Blossom Yoga Wear 


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