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If we’ve learned anything over the last few months, it’s the importance of incorporating self-care into our daily environment.

While we’re all familiar with slapping on a sheet mask and watching our guilty pleasure on Netflix or soaking in a hot bath and enjoying an epic pamper session, did you know that you can prioritise self-care while on the yoga mat?


Here are a few ways to incorporate self care into your yoga session.

Be Organised and On Time

How you arrive at your yoga mat can set the tone for your whole day. For example, if you arrive rushed, the chances are you won’t reap the relaxing benefits of your yoga class and will leave just as flustered as you arrived. Our advice here is to prepare what you need for your class including your water bottle and your clothes well in advance and if you’re going to a studio, arrive early. This way, you get to take a few minutes to prepare yourself mentally for the session and enjoy clearing your mind while listening to the relaxing soundtrack your tutor has put on. Ahhhh. Bliss.

Self Massage

There are many benefits that come with self massage and many opportunities to enhance your session by incorporating massage techniques. For example, if you find yourself in child’s pose, you can gently roll your forehead from left to right to give yourself a relaxing temple massage. This is not only an excellent stress reliever; it is also a great little massage for your third eye. Another example is to gently massage the soles of your feet while leaning into a forward fold. Take the time to close your eyes when relaxing into any pose and take the opportunity to focus on your breathing (Pranayama), this itself can be an incredible way to relax and centre yourself.

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Savour Your Savasana 

Another savvy self-care tip for yogis is to stay in Savasana as long as you can. If you are doing a yoga session at home, really draw out this section of your yoga session as this is where the largest opportunity for self-care lies. The main purpose of Savasana is to stabilise your body temperature after a yoga practise and to centralise the nervous system but it can be used in other ways too. You can choose to add on an extra ten minutes to set intentions for your day, practise a spot of manifestation or simply visualise a series of events to put your day on a positive path.

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Post Practise Journaling

Self-care shouldn’t end with your yoga session. Why not plan in a ten-minute activity after your yoga session to reflect on your accomplishments? Journaling can be very therapeutic and it is a great opportunity to check in with how you are feeling both mentally and physically. It’s also a superb way of monitoring your progress as you become more confidant on the mat.


What self-care tips will you be trying out in your next session? 

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