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So you’ve decided to take your first yoga class, but you have so many questions, what to wear, what to take, what to eat. Keep reading and we will try to answer all your questions.

What to Wear

It’s really important to be comfortable whilst practising yoga, you want to be able to focus on the meditation of the practice and not worry about your leggings rolling down or your vest falling over your head in a downward dog!
We prefer Yoga Pants with a high waist, as not only are they super flattering but they tend to stay put.
If you are trying Hot Yoga, you probably want to stick to very lightweight leggings or even shorts. Most people wear a vest or t-shirt. You may also want to bring a long sleeve top or lightweight blanket for the Savasana at the end of the class where you lie on the mat and meditate for a while, it can get quite chilly.
You don’t need to be kitted out in the latest branded yoga wear to fit in. All you need is comfortable, lightweight and breathable yoga wear to get you started.
Don’t forget to take your shoes off in the lobby before entering the studio – yoga is practiced in bare feet!

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What to Bring

The only essential item you’ll need is a mat. However, you don’t need to invest in one to get started, as they are usually available to rent in each class and free to use in some studios. Make sure you check before turning up to the class though. If you are practising Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga you will need to bring a mat towel, which is lighter and more absorbent compared to a shower towel. These are also usually available for rental. Finally, it is always good to bring a water bottle for hydration. However we would advise ensuring you are fully hydrated before attending the class, rather than trying to hydrate during your practice.
You might also wish to invest in some yoga socks which give you more grip in certain postures.

Pre-Yoga Food

As we have already said make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated. Prevent yourself from feeling faint with a light snack and a glass of water. This will help your body to keep up with the physical demands of the yoga practice. Try not to eat a large meal within 2 hours of practising, and always rehydrate after class. Coconut water is a good after class drink.

Arrive Early

Yoga is all about escaping the chaos of your daily life and having time to meditate. Allow yourself time to relax on your mat and clear your mind, by arriving for your class nice and early. Arriving early also allows you to pick your prime mat space without feeling uncomfortable.

Can’t do a pose?

Always listen to your body, never force it to do something that hurts or feels wrong. Don’t worry about being judged, yoga is a personal journey; so if you feel uncomfortable in a pose, try a different one, the instructor will usually give various options for a posture. If you are struggling, just relax in ‘childs pose’ and re-join the class at any time when you’re ready to continue.

Savasana, Namaste

Do you know these words yet? Not many people do, but you will hear them frequently in your yoga classes. Savasana is used to begin and end your practice by lying on you mat with your eyes closed. Namaste is collectively said aloud at the end while sitting cross-legged with your palms pressed together at your chest. This loosely translates to “the light within me bows to the light within you”.

Ready to Go

Now feel free to check out our range of women's yoga wear. We have funky printed yoga pants or simpler leggings with a splash of colour. We also have vest tops and sweatshirts to take you to and from your class.


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