Yoga as a Complement to Other Styles of Fitness

Yoga Practice

So, by now we know that you love yoga as much as we do but we also know that your fitness needs are ever-changing and evolving and your active regimen is forever shape-shifting to meet the needs of your current lifestyle. Today we want to talk about cross-training and how yoga can complement other styles of fitness from strength training to marathon training. Let’s dive in!


Yoga Plus Strength Training


Of course, yoga offers a number of physical and mental health benefits as a stand alone exercise but are there any benefits of practicing yoga alongside a strength training regime? The short answer is absolutely, yes. We all know the many advantages that yoga offers but it is especially beneficial as a form of active recovery. Weightlifting and Cross-Fit type workouts are strenuous and can push you to your fitness limits and incorporating a yoga class into your regime is a great way to stretch out those muscles. Great posture, core strength and balance are also great skills to have when lifting weights and can help you to avoid injury.

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Yoga Plus Running


Running is a high impact style of fitness and can play havoc with your joints and muscles. A well-timed restorative yoga class paired with cardio and rest days is the perfect way to stretch out those tired muscles and keep your core strong. Yoga also gives you the perfect opportunity to check in with your body which is essential when completing a gruelling training schedule. Another added benefit is how good those tight calves and hamstrings will feel after a session on your mat. Studies have even found that yoga can improve your inflammatory responses as a result of intense exercise and act as recovery. Cool huh?

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Yoga Plus Endurance Training


If you are an athlete training for a marathon, a triathlon or doing any type of endurance training such as swimming, cycling or other aerobic activities, you will know that the training regimen is intense and yoga can help you avoid burnout from overtraining. Get on the mat regularly and you can say hello to looser hip flexors, lubricated joints and greater flexibility and mobility. Often, fitness challenges and endurance training can be mentally challenging and it is your mind set rather than your fitness credentials that take the credit for you crossing that finish line. Yoga teaches you beneficial breathing techniques and you can use these meditative breathing methods to stay mentally in the zone and laser focussed in the later stages of the race.


Whatever your fitness needs, it’s clear that yoga has a place in your regimen and spending time on the mat comes with a plethora of benefits.

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