The Eco Guide to Yoga - Ways to Make your Yoga Practice More Sustainable

Eco-friendly Sustainability

Sustainability is an ever-evolving concept and one that should stretch to every area of our lives including our exercise regimen. If you’ve mastered the basics when it comes to prioritising eco-living, you might be interested in ways in which you can make your yoga practice more eco friendly. We’ve thought of multiple ways to adopt an eco-friendly yoga practice. Let’s dive in.


Practice at Home

The greenest way to practice yoga is to avoid the commute to a yoga studio and do your class at home. This way you get the benefits of your yoga class while cutting your carbon footprint. We’ve put together a rundown of our favourite yoga YouTube channels for you to enjoy from your home.

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Clean Your Mat with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Yes, your mat gets dirty, especially if you prefer challenging yoga classes such as Bikram Yoga. Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can make a big difference and the products you clean your yoga mat with are just one of the areas that you can focus on when embracing green living. When doing your supermarket shop, look out for non-toxic cleaning products that eradicate germs from your mat just without using nasty chemicals that harm the environment.

Use a Re-Usable Water Bottle

Hydration is key for all yogis but if you are guilty of picking up a bottle of water from the shop on your way to the studio, you could make a more thoughtful choice and buy a re-usable water bottle made from sustainable materials. One of the easiest changes when looking at ways to welcome sustainability into your yoga regime is to say no to store-bought H20 and fill up your own bottle at home. If you practice yoga every day or even once per week, this small change will have a huge impact over time. You won’t just save the planet with this tip but you’ll save lots of money too.

Buy Your Yogawear from a Sustainable Company

Your wardrobe is another key area that can affect how eco-friendly your yoga class is. We’re talking about leggings, tank tops, sports bras and tote bags all crafted from sustainable fabrics. One way to prioritise green living involves shopping with companies that share your passion for sustainability. Our yogawear is crafted from recycled plastic bottles and allows you to care for the planet without compromising on comfort.

 Creating a sustainable lifestyle with yoga

When it comes to making your yoga routine eco-friendlier, no change is too small. Follow our tips to embrace a greener lifestyle and make your yoga practice more sustainable.

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