Everything You Need To Know To Practice Yoga At Home

Yoga Practice

Everything you need to know about practicing yoga at home if you’re a complete beginner

You’re interested in giving this whole yoga thing a try, but maybe right now you don’t feel like you have the time, money or perhaps confidence to go to a yoga class. The good news is that practicing yoga at home is not only possible, but with a little bit of preparation, can be simple and easy. Here’s our Blossom Yoga Wear guide to giving yoga a try at home, even when you’re a complete beginner! 

 Practicing yoga at home

 1. Keep it simple

It really doesn’t need to be complicated, but it’s going to help if you learn a few basic yoga postures first. The aim is to become familiar with enough to create a short practice, but not so many that it feels as though you’re cramming for an exam! Make a small plan by doing a little bit of homework. Postures like cat cow, child’s pose, downward facing dog, long runners lunges and cobra are some basic staples of many yoga sequences that you can easily become familiar with. Sun salutation sequence is a simple sequence that incorporates a balanced range of movements that you can repeat several times into a gentle beginners flow.  

Yoga poses to practice at home

 2. Yoga clothing and mat

Yoga mats are specifically designed to cushion your body from the hard surface of the floor and help your feet to grip during your yoga practice. Whilst you will probably want to invest in a good yoga mat further down the line, you don’t need one in order to try out yoga at home. Yoga has been around for thousands of years and mats for just decades. If the wise old Indian sages managed with a folded blanket on the floor, then so can you! Put on some comfortable clothing for practicing your yoga, whether that is yoga leggings or sweatpants...and you’re ready. 

Home Yoga Practice

 3. Don’t think too much, try and feel

One of the biggest obstacles to trying yoga at home is often the question of “am I doing it right?”. Whilst being in a class and having an expert keep a watchful eye on things like your alignment in the posture can be nice, it’s certainly not an essential requirement. In fact it can be a good thing to be alone where you are less distracted by how what you are doing looks or how other people are performing a posture, and more easily able to focus on yourself and how practicing your yoga routine feels in your own body. Instead of asking yourself if you are doing the yoga pose right, instead ask your body how it feels and get curious about the sensations taking place.

 4. Get help from an online class 

If all else fails and you’d rather have the guidance of someone in the room, there are plenty of free and paid yoga classes online that you can try out, see our blog on the Yoga You-Tube channels we adore. A quick search will reveal a wide choice of relaxing practices or more physically dynamic sequences, of all kinds of lengths, to suit your needs.


We hope we’ve proved that creating a yoga practice at home is possible, no matter what your previous yoga experience is!


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