The 5 Funniest and Cutest Yoga Videos EVER!

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You’ve probably gathered by now, that here at Blossom Yoga Wear we don’t like to take life too seriously. Whilst the practice of yoga is one of our favourite tools to keep the body and mind in check, we find nothing quite lightens the soul like a good old cute or funny yoga video. So if you’re looking for a 5 minute pick me up, check out our countdown of the 5 best yoga videos to raise your spirits and have you in stitches.

5. Little Kid Yoga

They’re the future of yoga and they’re pretty darn adorable! With evidence pointing to not only the physical but also mental benefits of yoga for children, it seems they’re never too young to start. Watch these young yoga enthusiasts make their own mini yoga documentary. (Favourite quote “it’s not dumb dog it’s down dog”. LOL.)


 4. The Grinch Yoga

The grinch doing yoga embodies how we’ve all felt at some point or another. After all most of us do yoga to burn off the crazy right?! (Please say it’s not just us!). This is for everyone who’s ever sighed just that little bit too loudly during a stress releasing exhale... 




3. Instagram Yoga

We’ll admit, we love a good sunset yoga shot for inspiration or motivation. Yet this funny video from ‘awaken with JP’ highlights the downside of the growing #instayoga trend. Perhaps it’s a lot easier to collect social media worthy snaps when you’re practicing on Malibu beach rather than your back room, which also doubles as the kids playroom ;)


2. Chihuahua Yoga

Ok, so all the yoga crazes with pets is nothing new, but pets that can actually do yoga is pretty impressive. Check out Pancho the chihuahua’s solid technique in this yoga routine with his owner. A couple more years, get him in some snazzy yoga pants for dogs and we’re sure he’ll be taking classes at your local studio.



 1. Laughing Yoga

What is it about laughing that is SO unbelievably contagious?! The good news is that research shows that laughter can boost your immune system, reduce stress, relax muscles, reduce pain, increase oxygen intake and more! So that means that simply sitting and watching all these videos is good for your health. We challenge you to watch this clip without laughing. Good luck with that! All together now “I’m happy and relaxed, I’m happy and relaxed”...



Which was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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